The Association for the Philosophy of Mathematics welcomes members of any nationality. Membership is effective upon payment of the annual dues Please note that payments are processed by Paypal, but no PayPal account is needed for the transaction.

The schedule of annual membership dues is as follows:

  1. Regular members: $40.00 (pay now with PayPal).
  2. Student members: $20.00 (pay now with PayPal).
  3. Special members, including emeriti and part-time employed or unemployed persons: $30.00 (pay now with PayPal).
  4. Institutional members: universities, scientific and scholarly institutions and organizations, foundations, etc., who effectively support the Association’s mission: $500.00 (pay now with PayPal)

Members in the first three categories are eligible to participate actively in PMA meetings, elections and other functions. Such members are also entitled to vote in the Association’s duly scheduled elections and to participate in its official business meetings; they are also eligible to stand for election to the Association’s various committees, to its Board and to its offices.


The support of the following institutional members is gratefully acknowledged:

Email list (Google Group)

The PMA email list is open to both members and non members, and it is used (sparingly) for communications concerning the Association. It can be found here (if you do not see “apply to join this group” please send us an email).