Personal Subscriptions to Philosophia Mathematica

Robert Thomas, editor of Philosophia Mathematica, writes:

Oxford University Press has given the impression this year that they would not be continuing personal subscriptions to Philosophia Mathematica since in 2018 the journal will be online only, what institutions overwhelmingly want. This decision was in fact made, but it has been reversed and at favorable rates as follows:

Euro zone North America GB & rest of world
Unaffiliated 78 euros 99 US dollars 62 pounds
ASL members 39 euros 50 US dollars 31 pounds

CSHPM members, anywhere outside Canada, 50 US dollars, paid to the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics.

Two things to note. Membership in CSHPM is so cheap at 23 US dollars (Cdn$30 in Canada), that it could easily pay to join CSHPM for the sole purpose of saving money on a PM subscription. See

Subscriptions by ASL members and others are arranged through OUP:
UK Journals Customer Service, Tel: + 44 (0)1865 353907, Fax: + 44 (0)1865 353485.
USA Journals Customer Service, Tel: + 1 919-677-0977, + 1 800-852-7323 (toll-free in USA and Canada), Fax: + 1 919-677-1714.